Earn money with ipsojobs

How can I earn money with ipsojobs?
It's very easy. Ipsojobs offers you the opportunity to use its technical platform, totally free of charge, to manage job postings in your city. As a City Manager, you'll get 50% of the revenue from the advertising displayed in your city.
How can I open a new city?
Fill the following form:

Apply for new city

We'll contact you in short once you've sent us the requested information.

Your city URL will look like this:
Which advertisement platform do we use?
We use Google Adsense. That's why it's necessary to have a Google Adsense account to earn money with ipsojobs.

50% of Adsense ads displayed in your city will have your own Adsense code, so you will receive the generated revenue directly from Google.

Very important: Google is very strict about this issue, you SHOULD NOT click on the Adsense ads displayed in your city and you should not tell people to click on them.
What are the City Manager duties?
The City Manager has to keep the site clean from SPAM and inappropriate job postings. We will give you an on-line tool to check all the job postings and to filter out those job postings flagged as inappropriate.

The more you promote your city, the more traffic your site will receive, and consequently, the more you will earn from the adsense ads.

We've estimated that the average weekly time needed to manage a city is around 7 hours. In the beginning, due to your promotional tasks, time devoted to managing the site may be higher.

We suggest you to read the following post of our blog to learn some tips on promoting ipsojobs: How to promote
Can I add a new language?
Yes. If you want to add a new language to ipsojobs, we'll send you all the texts to translate. In this instance, you will receive 100% of the Adsense revenue for the first three months, afterwards you will receive 50%.
Can I manage more than one city?
Yes, you can manage as many cities as you feel able to. Remember, we have estimated that a single city requires 7 labor hours a week.
How long can I be the manager of a city?
Our aim is to establish long term relationships with managers, but should you wish to stop managing a city, you can do so at any moment, at no cost to yourself. Omatech (the company behind ipsojobs) reserves the right to end the relationship with a City Manager if we detect any violation of our user terms.